BofA Nears Settlement With Mortgage Investors

Bank of America is close to an $8.5 billion settlement with high-profile investors over claims related to mortgage-back securities purchased before the U.S. housing collapse. Kelsey Hubbard talks with WSJ’s Dan Fitzpatrick about what the deal would mean for Bank of America and the investors.

High Court Strikes Down Law on Video Games

The Supreme Court says the state of California cannot ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors and rules on campaign-finance reform before adjourning for the term. Kelsey Hubbard discusses these decisions, plus which cases the Court will take up in the Fall with WSJ’s Ashby Jones. (Photo: Getty Images)

Bridgewater Launches Largest New Fund

Bridgewater Associates, the world’s biggest hedge fund, just got bigger with the launch of one of the largest new funds. WSJ’s Michael Corkery talks with Kelsey Hubbard about the recovery in the hedge-fund market and what sets Bridgewater apart.

Supreme Court Sides With Wal-Mart in Bias Suit

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Wall Mart in a massive sex-discrimination lawsuit. Kelsey Hubbard talks with the WSJ’s Nathan Koppel about the merits of the decision and what it means for the plaintiffs‘ case.

News Hub: Rep. Anthony Weiner Steps Down

Representative Anthony Weiner resigned Wednesday afternoon following a sexting scandal in which he admitted to sending lewd photos from his Twitter account to a college student. Kelsey Hubbard and Michael Saul discuss. Photo: Getty Images.

News Hub: 401(k) Match Makes a Comeback

In an effort to retain top employees, many U.S. companies that cut back on one of the most valuable employee benefits during the recession, the 401(k) matching contribution, are beginning to restore it. Kelly Greene has details.

Time to Trade In That Used Car?

Demand for late-model used cars is soaring thanks to a sluggish economy, high fuel prices and a supply shortage of new cars. WSJ’s Joe White explains to Kelsey Hubbard why car dealers are eager to get their hands on used vehicles.

News Hub: Edwards Indicted in Campaign-Funds Case

A federal grand jury indicted former Sen. John Edwards on felony charges that he violated campaign-finance regulations, in part to conceal an extramarital affair. WSJ’s Evan Perez explains the charges and whether the onetime presidential hopeful is facing jail time. Photo courtesy of Associated Press.