College Had Expelled Oakland Shooting Suspect

Records show that One L. Goh, the man being detained as a person of interested in Monday’s mass slayings at an independent Christian college in Oakland, suffered from years of run-ins with creditors, and he may have been expelled from at least some classes, Jim Carlton reports on the News Hub. Photo: AP.

Tornadoes Hit Dallas

Dallas police report possible tornadoes have touched down across Dallas, overturning semi-trailers and causing considerable damage in cities south of Fort Worth. WSJ Dallas Bureau Chief Leslie Eaton has the details on the News Hub. Photo: AP.

Rocky Brokerage Marriage for Morgan Stanley, Citi

Morgan Stanley and Citigroup are hitting potholes as they combine their brokerage operations. Some brokers have trouble working together even in the same office because they are operating on patchwork of old computer systems, and turbulent market conditions have caused the joint venture to fall short of some targets. Suzanne Kapner has details on The News Hub. Photo: Getty Images.

Burger King Revamps Menu

Burger King unveiled a broad menu revamp in the U.S. Monday, expanding into salads and smoothies, to attract new customers and catch up to rival fast-food chains. Ian Berry has details on The News Hub. Photo: AP.

Court Lands on Campaign’s Front Lines

Regardless of the judicial outcome, the Supreme Court’s coming decision on the health-care overhaul will have one clear political impact: It guarantees the court will be with us for the next seven months as a front-line campaign topic. Jerry Seib has details on The News Hub. Photo: Getty Images.

The Short Life of a PR Fiasco

BATS Global Markets Inc.’s nine-and-a-half-second IPO and the hacking attack on credit-card processor Global Payments Inc. might not be so damaging to those companies‘ brand names and financial standing. As Francesco Guerrera explains on The News Hub, in a socially networked world, companies can recover from mistakes better than the old days of „traditional“ news and corporate spin. Photo: AP.

Avon Rejects $10 Billion Takeover Offer

Fragrance maker Coty Inc. made an unsolicited offered to buy Avon for $10 billion. Avon immediately rejected the offer as uncertain and stingy. Emily Glazer on The News Hub explains why deal would be a big bite for Coty. Photo: AP.