Google’s Fast Pair feature starts arriving on non-Pixel Android phones

 In the avalanche of news that was Google’s Pixel 2 event last month, the company kind of glossed over the Fast Pair feature. Understandably so — it had a lot to get through at the event. And besides, it was far from the coolest thing about the company’s new Pixel Buds headphones (that title goes to the Babelfish-esque real-time translation feature). The feature is similar to… Read More

Samsung posts another record profit thanks to its chips business

 Samsung posted another record quarter, and it again has its components business to thank for more stellar results. The Korea tech giant shrugged off scandals, which include a jail sentence for its de facto leader and last year’s Note 7 saga, to record a 14.53 trillion won ($12.92 billion) profit for the recent Q3 2017 period. Revenue came in at 62.05 trillion won ($55.18 billion), up… Read More

Hollywood Meets Football at IMG Academy

Some of the hottest prospects in college football are coming out of IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. The high school is owned by a Hollywood entertainment conglomerate, and it has thrived by targeting elite teenage athletes with dreams of going to the pros. Photo: Mike Carlson for The Wall Street Journal

Google responds to Pixel 2 XL display complaints, promises fix for ‘clicking’ noise on the Pixel 2

 Shortly after Google’s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL began shipping, some users noted the devices seemed to have some… quirks. Onscreen colors on the XL seemed faded. When switching screens, evidence of previously displayed images sometimes seemed to linger. Others reported the screen seemed to turn an odd shade of blue. And Pixel 2 users reported hearing “clicking” sounds when… Read More

Winter Olympics ​Puts Host Pyeongchang to the Test

P​yeong​chang​ in South Korea​ faces challenges as the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics, from fears over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal to the city’s lack of experience ​handling ​international visitors.​ Video: Warangkana Chomchuen/WSJ. Photo: Yonhap/EPA/Shutterstock.

How Building Panels Fuel High-Rise Fires

Combustible-core panels known as cladding have been implicated in high-rise fires around the world, including the Torch Tower Residence fire in Dubai. The ​exact ​number of buildings that use the construction material is unknown. Video: Gabe Johnson/WSJ. Photo: Getty Images.

Coin Divers Endure the Polluted Yamuna River

D​ivers who​ make a living collecting coins thrown as religious offerings into the sacred Yamuna in ​New ​Delhi are among the worst affected by the river’s polluted water. Video/Photo​: ​Karan Deep Singh/​WSJ

One Man’s Quest to Save the Holy Yamuna River

Sureshwar Sinha, 83, swam​ ​in the ​pristine waters of the​​ Yamuna in New Delhi​ ​when​ he was a child. ​He has spent the past 25 years ​fighting to rescue ​the polluted river. Video/Photo​:​​ Karan Deep Singh/​WSJ

Life Along the Polluted Yamuna

Usha Devi lives in Anna Nagar, an encampment near the banks of the Yamuna in Delhi, that is home to 15,000 residents. An open drain that winds through the community carries millions of gallons of untreated waste water to the river. Photo: Vivek Singh for The Wall Street Journal. Video: Karan Deep Singh/WSJ.

In the Elevator With Intel’s CEO

WSJ’s Joanna Stern “bumps” into Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in the elevator at D.Live and asks about driverless cars and his favorite chip, to eat and to use. Photo: Andria Chamberlin for The Wall Street Journal