IBM Patents System That Creates Audited Blockchain ‘Checkpoints’

IBM has won two patents for a system that verifies the integrity of a blockchain, certifying that it has passed certain audit requirements at particular periods in time. Both patents were approved on May 31 and are related in that they describe certified, audit-able “checkpoints.” The main goal of the checkpoints is to allow businesses to

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Keplertek’s Pre-Sale Is Now Live!

While landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now, it’s time to go beyond the moon and take humanity to next level.  The Future is Here Every investment in Keplertek is o

Corda: Open Source Community Update

The Corda open source community is getting big… it’s time for a dedicated corda-dev mailing list, a co-maintainer for the project, a refreshed whitepaper, expanded contribution guidelines, and more..!   It feels like Corda took on board some rock