Brian Kelly: If You’re Selling Bitcoin Because of ETF Delay, You’re Doing it Wrong

CNBC Fast Money contributor and BKCM CEO Brian Kelly has firmly emphasized that while bitcoin has seen a massive decline in price over the last 24 hours, investors selling the dominant cryptocurrency based on the delay of SEC in approving the first bitcoin ETF are doing it wrong. Bitcoin Drops 12% While EOS, Bitcoin Cash … Continued

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The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former Regulators

The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former Regulators

On Wednesday, The Daily features a couple of announcements from Coinbase: the US crypto exchange enables instant purchasing with increased daily trading limits and is now accepting ETC deposits on its Coinbase Pro platform. We’ve also covered the opening of ABCC’s European headquarters in Malta and Omniex’s decision to appoint two former regulators as advisors.

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Coinbase Enables Instant Purchasing, Increases Trading Limits

The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former RegulatorsUsers of Coinbase will be able to buy digital coins right after they deposit funds from their bank account, the platform explained in a blog post published on Tuesday. “Starting today, we are rolling out the ability to trade cryptocurrency immediately after a purchase — no more waiting five days for funds to settle,” the announcement reads.

While the platform supports instant transfers via wire transfer and debit cards, purchases via direct debits from a bank account used to take days. The change means that from now on the USD balances will be credited immediately for the amount customers have sent from their accounts. They’ll be able to buy cryptos but won’t have the option to withdraw before the funds from their bank are settled.

The company also announced an increase of the daily trading limits for US users. The functionality will be available over the next few weeks. For verified customers, the maximum allowable purchase will jump from $25,000 weekly to $25,000 per day. The exchange also noted that once the funds are transferred to Coinbase, there are no longer any limits to how much users can buy or sell at a time.

Initially, the instant purchasing, new trading limits, and the ability to withdraw coins will be available only to US customers who have completed the identity verification process with Coinbase. However, the platform promises to bring the updates to other markets as well.

Coinbase Pro Introduces Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former RegulatorsIn another announcement, the influential US exchange informed its clients of the successful completion of its final testing for the addition of ethereum classic (ETC), noting that the launch will proceed in four stages: transfer-only, post-only, limit-only, and full-trading mode. “Coinbase Pro is now accepting transfers of Ethereum Classic!” the company tweeted, notifying customers they can transfer ETC immediately to their exchange account and start trading within days.

“We are beginning the launch of ETC on our exchange at Coinbase Pro. We plan to add support for ETC at when sufficient liquidity is established. We expect this to occur approximately 1–2 weeks after trading begins on Coinbase Pro,” David Farmer, Coinbase Pro’s General Manager, explained in the company’s blog. The exchange also reminded users that its GDAX platform was split into Coinbase Pro, for individual traders, and Coinbase Prime, for institutions.

Several positive developments, including the addition to Coinbase Pro and the Robinhood app, have pushed the price of ETC up. The cryptocurrency is currently the 13th largest by market capitalization, which is almost $1.68 billion USD at the time of writing.

ABCC Exchange Opens European Headquarters in Malta

Singapore-based digital asset exchange ABCC (Alphabit Cryptocurrency) has announced the opening of its European headquarters in Malta. In an official release, the trading platform described the move as a strategic decision, part of the commitment to increase its presence in Europe and elsewhere. The company hopes to create new investment and employment opportunities in the island nation which has taken steps to become a leading crypto-friendly destination. ABCC has also decided to sponsor an official blockchain event organized by the Maltese government, Delta Summit 2018.

The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former Regulators“This comes just a few weeks after the Maltese Parliament enacted into law the highly anticipated three bills which will pave the way for the creation of a new economic sector. I thank ABCC for putting their trust in Malta and for providing their input to implement our vision and make Malta The Blockchain Island,” said Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta. “Indeed, we look forward to working closely with the Government of Malta and to support its transition into a digital innovation center of excellence,” added ABCC CEO Calvin Cheng.

ABCC’s announcement follows similar decisions by some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance, currently the largest trading platform by volume, is exploring opportunities to launch a decentralized bank in Malta. Another Chinese-run crypto exchange, Okex, announced in April it is setting foot on the island, and the Polish Bitbay revealed its plans to move to Malta in May.

Omniex Appoints Former Regulators as Advisors

The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former RegulatorsOmniex, a crypto trading and investment platform oriented towards institutional investors, has appointed to its Board of Advisors Arthur Levitt, former US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman, and Sheila Bair, former Chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). According to an official announcement, the company has also hired former Thomson Reuters and KCG executives as part of the plans to accelerate the adoption of its platform.

Omniex, which provides portfolio and risk management, trade execution, investment operations and compliance solutions for crypto-assets to buy-side, market-making and broker-dealer institutions, has raised $10 million USD since it was founded last fall. Among its investors are leading firms such as Wicklow Capital, Jump Capital, Digital Currency Group, Sierra Ventures, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Thirdstream Partners and Alan Howard of Brevan Howard.

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Coinbase Begins Taking Ethereum Classic Deposits, Raises Buy Limit to $25,000

It’s been a tough week for most cryptocurrency investors, as the groundbreaking news that the world’s largest stock exchange operator is launching a bitcoin market failed to translate into bullish price movement. For ethereum classic supporters, however, the week could not have gone much better. Coinbase Pro Begins Taking Ethereum Classic Deposits Over the past … Continued

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Robinhood To Support Ethereum Classic Ahead Of Coinbase – Sneaky!

Robinhood Adds Support

Robinhood Adds Support: Robinhood Financial announced yesterday that it would launch Ethereum Classis (ETC) on its trading platform.

And it was no accident that it listed the coin one day before Coinbase was to add ETC to its exchange; the world’s biggest exchange had announced only a few weeks ago that it was in the final stages of testing and that ETC would be available as of August 7th.

Which is today. 

But the announcement did outline that ETC would only be accessible for users with Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime accounts ...

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The Daily: Coinbase Returns to Wyoming, Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and Georgia

The Daily: Coinbase Returns to Wyoming, Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and Georgia

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief, we cover the return of Coinbase to Wyoming, the expansion of Robinhood Crypto to Iowa and Georgia, a lawsuit against an exchange for failing to give a user his BCH plus a cybersecurity research that finds cryptocurrency exchanges experienced a massive surge of user data leaks.

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Coinbase Returns to Wyoming

The Daily: Coinbase Returns to Wyoming, Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and GeorgiaCoinbase has announced that its money transmitter license has been renewed in the state of Wyoming. That means that after about three years of absence, locals can once again use the platform to buy, sell and spend supported cryptocurrencies. Wyoming passed a number of laws meant to make the state more attractive to Bitcoin business this year, including exempting cryptocurrencies from property taxation.

Mike Lempres, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, stated: “Regulators and legislators can work together to foster innovation by either licensing cryptocurrency money transmissions or exempting cryptocurrency from money transmission laws. The leadership and partnership between the state legislature and Governor Matt Meade allowed for this new legislation to be signed into law, under which cryptocurrency companies in Wyoming are no longer required to double reserve the assets of state residents. Now Coinbase and other compliant, regulated cryptocurrency companies can serve Wyoming customers in the same way we serve customers from nearly every other state.”

Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and Georgia

The Daily: Coinbase Returns to Wyoming, Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and GeorgiaRobinhood Financial, the Palo Alto-headquartered US stocks brokerage app, has added another two locations where cryptocurrency trading is now supported for its clients. The company officially announced on its Twitter page that the service is rolling out to Iowa and Georgia. The app now supports Ethereum Classic (ETC), in addition to its previous offering of BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and Doge. In total, Robinhood Crypto is now available in 19 US states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Chinese User Sues Okcoin

According to media reports from China, a user of Okcoin named Feng Bin is suing the exchange over some missing bitcoin cash. The client claims he had to receive about 38.75 BCH following the fork due to his holdings before the event which just recently marked its one year anniversary. The Chinese investor alleges that when he contacted the Okcoin team to help recover his BCH he was told by support staff that the deadline the exchange set for doing so had expired and he was no longer eligible due to that reason.

‘Leaky’ Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Group-IB, a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm, has issued a report about user data leaks from cryptocurrency exchanges. The researchers analyzed the theft of 720 user accounts (logins and passwords) from the 19 largest exchanges during 2017, and found a steady increase in the number of compromised user accounts. In 2017, it increased by 369% compared to 2016. And in January 2018, the number of incidents jumped by 689% compared to the 2017 monthly average. The US, Russia and China are where users are targeted most often.

The study identified 50 active botnets used for launching cyberattacks on users of cryptocurrency exchanges. The researchers found that cybercriminals employ sophisticated malicious software and even modified tools previously used for attacks on banks to hack cryptocurrency exchanges and gain access to users’ personal data. However, the main culprit is that both users and exchanges fail to use two-factor authentication. The second cause is disregard for basic cybersecurity rules such as using weak and repetitive passwords.

The Daily: Coinbase Returns to Wyoming, Robinhood Crypto Reaches Iowa and Georgia

“In 2018, we will see even more incidents. This situation requires prompt and effective response of all stakeholders, including experts in different areas,” stated Ruslan Yusufov, Director of Special Projects at Group-IB.

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Ethereum Classic Becomes the 6th Cryptocurrency Listed on Robinhood Crypto

Stock trading app Robinhood has made ethereum classic (ETC) the sixth cryptocurrency listed on its recently-launched crypto trading platform. The $5.6 billion firm unveiled support for ethereum classic on Monday, providing investors in eligible U.S. states with the ability to hold ETC in their portfolios alongside their traditional equities investments. Robinhood has been rolling out … Continued

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$32mil Raised by Mining Company Listed on London Stock Exchange

$32mil First Day Crypto Mining Co on London Stock Exchange

Idealistic startup Argo Blockchain PLC, a mining company, is the first cryptocurrency-related firm to sit on the prestigious London Stock Exchange. In only its initial trading day, Argo raised $32 million, earning a $61 million valuation in the process.

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Mining Company Argo Blockchain PLC Rakes In $32 Million on the LSE

At 16 pence per share, 156,250,000 shares sold, slightly over half of Argo’s capital has been booked, totaling $32 million, and that means the startup has a baseline valuation of $61 million now that it is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

LSE has roots going back nearly half a millennium, and can currently boast of a market cap north of four and a half trillion dollars. Listing Argo gives crypto-related businesses a huge boost of legitimacy, and especially if all goes well. Registered shareholders such as Jupiter Asset Management, Henderson Global Investors, and Miton Capital helped secure that $32 million right out of the gate.

$32mil First Day Crypto Mining Co on London Stock Exchange

Jonathan Bixby, cofounder of Argo, explained to The Telegraph how his company intends to “take the pain and heartache out of participating in the biggest new technology breakthrough since the launch of the internet.” It hopes to capture market share through helping the crypto curious mine, also known as Mining as a Service, MaaS.  

Founded in late 2017, Argo aims to build an international data center management business for assisting in crypto mining as a service (MaaS), which would be available to anyone in the world, the company’s LSE document states. The company’s platform itself has only been around a little over two months, however subscriptions are currently sold out.

Early Days for Cryptoshpere Literacy

By May of this year, the company was without profits, and yet set its sights on being the first crypto-related firm to have a seat at the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The United Kingdom Listing Authority approved Argo, essentially a cloud mining pool idea familiar to enthusiasts. For legacy finance, and most of the known world, it’s early days for cryptocurrency literacy, and if the average person is even aware of mining, they’d probably not be familiar with mining services.

The difference here is emphasis on alternative coin mining, those other than bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH). Argo “makes it easy to mine bitcoin gold, ethereum and other altcoins from home,” according to its website. For a monthly fee, the miner proper will lend space to its mining rigs.

$32mil First Day Crypto Mining Co on London Stock Exchange

Canadian founder of Argo, Jonathan Bixby, explained to the Financial Times,  “More than 90 per cent of crypto-mining is done by elites on industrial scale because it is technically very difficult to do. It is incredibly expensive to buy, up front, the hardware you need at $5,000 a machine. We want to be the Amazon Web Services of crypto.”

Argo’s business plan calls for $25/mo for access to computing power aimed at mining zcash, ethereum classic, ethereum, and bitcoin gold — all without coin custody arrangements or the traditional mining pool notion, limiting customers to one contract from its center in Quebec. The bulk of its business model appears to come from success stories such as Iceland’s Genesis Mining. Now three years into its run, Genesis boasts two million customers, who routinely pay hundreds of dollars to as much as four thousand dollars for multi-year contracts. They have a half year waiting list.

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Coinbase Announces Final Testing Ahead of Ethereum Classic Listing

Coinbase has announced that it is in the final stages of testing support for ethereum classic (ETC) as it prepares to offer support for the cryptocurrency across it different services. In a statement published on its official blog, the platform revealed that it is making the information public in line with its new process for

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Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd Altcoins

Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd Altcoins

As is now customary for the company, Coinbase has released a list of the latest assets it’s considering. The latest batch are being mooted for its institutional platform, Coinbase Custody, and thus are for storage only at this time, though future trading cannot be discounted. The list of altcoins it’s considering is as eclectic as it is incongruous. While some selections make sense, others have left observers scratching their heads.

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Coinbase Prepares to Unleash a Plague of Assets

Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd AltcoinsCoinbase, which has traditionally added new cryptocurrencies at a rate of one a year, has been on something of a splurge lately. In addition to ethereum classic (ETC), which is scheduled to start trading in around a week on its retail exchange, there’s a handful of other assets it’s likely to list in the near future such as ADA, BAT, and ZRX. Yesterday it was the turn of its institutional arm, Coinbase Custody, to unveil a shortlist of possible new tokens. Only in this case, it was more of a long list, containing no less than 34 coins.

Scanning the list of coins that are candidates for custodial inclusion provides an insight into the thinking of CEO Brian Armstrong and his team, for like it or not, Coinbase exerts huge sway over the industry. It may be slow to list new coins, but when it does belatedly get its act together, the markets react swiftly to the news. ETC is up 15% in the past 24 hours ahead of its Coinbase listing, while the likes of Tezos, which is on the Coinbase Custody shortlist, is up by 20%. Even in a bear market, Coinbase has the power to move markets.

Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd Altcoins
The complete list of coins being considered by Coinbase Custody

Half of Coinbase Custody’s Shortlisted Assets Make Little Sense

Like any shortlist, the selection of coins that might make the grade at Coinbase Custody is open to debate. The company is naturally entitled to list whatever it likes, but from a business perspective, there are some odd choices. Furthermore, given that low market cap altcoins are more synonymous with retail investors than institutional, it’s hard to imagine why Coinbase Custody is interested in safeguarding altcoins that investment firms are unlikely to look twice at.

As the company clarified in its blog post, “Coinbase Custody is exploring the addition of many existing and forthcoming crypto assets for storage only, and will be working to add them as quickly and safely as possible. At this time, we have not yet considered these assets for trading.”

It is safe to assert, however, that Coinbase wouldn’t offer to care for these assets on behalf of its clients if it wasn’t at least considering making some of them tradable in the future.

The Strangest Names on the List

Of the 34 assets on the list, the following coins have attracted particular attention:

Ripple: Could this be Coinbase’s way of taunting ripple bagholders by offering to safeguard their coin but never list it?

Coinbase Custody is Eyeing Some Extremely Odd AltcoinsMonero: Given XMR’s association with illicit transactions, it had been assumed that Coinbase would never touch a coin whose previous owners could have used it to fund anything from terrorism to drugs.

Tezos: Last year this might have made sense, but ever since Tezos’ legal woes, the coin has become a hot potato that US investors in particular have been reticent to touch. It is currently listed on, Hitbtc, and Gatecoin only.

Bytecoin: As one commenter pithily put it, “listed on the Chinese govt top shitcoin list, now being considered by @CoinbaseCustody, apparently institutions might want to own this. Launch was a joke of a scam: claimed it had been used on deep web for 2 years, faked whitepaper dates, faked blockchain, 80% premine.”

Bitshares: In 2015 maybe.

Tatatu: A coin literally no one has heard of.

Kik: Pump and dump vaporware.

Bitcoin Gold: One of 2018’s worst performers, down 95% from its ATH (though listing might still make sense since it’s a BTC fork so many Coinbase customers will own it by default).

On a brighter note, the remainder of Coinbase’s shortlist makes sense, with some commendable candidates ranging from the obvious (Decred) to the nostalgic (Doge) to the up-and-coming – Telegram, Hashgraph and Foam, which is so fresh its token sale hasn’t even completed. While crypto commenters debate the wisdom of Coinbase Custody’s proposed new additions to the vault, institutional investors will be googling hard, trying to ascertain the identity of these hitherto unheard of assets that are now poised for inclusion – and possibly even listing – on the world’s most famous exchange.

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July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends Dominance

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends Dominance

During July, the majority of leading cryptocurrency markets have produced stagnant or declining volume month-over-month. BTC, USDT, and DASH were the sole top ten markets able to buck the trend, with BTC’s trade volume notably increasing by 4.6%.

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BTC Extends Lead Relative to Other Top Markets

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends DominanceAs of this writing, more than $131 billion USD worth of trade has reportedly taken place on the BTC markets in the last 30 days. The trading activity has seen BTC extend its lead as the dominant cryptocurrency, with the combined trading volume of the other top ten most traded cryptocurrencies excluding USDT equating to roughly $121 billion.

The 30-day trade volume for the BTC markets has increased by 4.6% over June’s $125.5 billion. However, it is significantly lower than the $185 billion in trade recorded during May.

July also saw BTC extend its dominance by market capitalization – which grew from approximately 42.75% at the start of the month, to 47.5% as of this writing.

USDT Sees Highest Percentage Increase in Monthly Trade Volume for July

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends DominanceOf the top traded cryptocurrencies for July, USDT showed the largest percentage increase in trade volume, gaining 11% over June’s $77 billion to post $85.5 worth of trades during the last 30 days.

ETH has held its position as the third most traded cryptocurrency token, producing roughly $53 in trade during July – which comprises a nearly one billion drop from June.

EOS has maintained its position as the fourth most traded cryptocurrency, however, also suffered the largest percentage drop in 30-day volume. EOS’ trade volume fell from $32 billion, posting a monthly volume of $20.4 billion – a 36% drop in total trading activity.

BCH Volume Grows Slightly

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends DominanceBitcoin Cash trade volume increased slightly this month, gaining from $14.7 billion in June to $14.85 billion. BCH has continued to hold as the fifth most traded cryptocurrency markets.

Litecoin has held its position as the sixth most traded cryptocurrency for the second consecutive month, after having gained two positions during June. 30-day trade volume for LTC decreased by 7.8%, falling from $9.3 billion in June to $8.57 billion.

The seventh most traded cryptocurrency, XRP, also experienced a notable drop in volume – which fell by nearly 17% from $8.3 billion last month to $6.9 bn in the last 30 days.

Dash Breaks Into Top Ten Most Traded Cryptocurrencies

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends DominanceFor the second consecutive month, 30-day volume for Ethereum Classic increased by $100 million month-over-month. ETC is the eighth most traded cryptocurrency with a monthly volume of $6.7 billion.

Tron has held onto the position of ninth most traded cryptocurrency after suffering a significant drop in volume between May and June. TRX posted $5.45 billion in trade for July, comprising a 9% drop from last month’s $6 billion.

DASH pushed into the top ten most traded cryptocurrencies during July, posting $5 billion in 30-day trade volume. DASH beat out QTUM – which despite gaining over 25% in volume month-over-month, sits at eleventh for July with $4.4 billion in trade volume.

12th to 20th Most Traded Cryptocurrencies Tightly Contested

July 2018 Volume Rankings Report: BTC Extends DominanceNEO ranked twelfth for July with nearly $3.4 billion in 30-day trade volume. ADA ranked thirteenth with almost $3.1 billion. CKUSD followed closely with $2.9 billion.

XLM ranked 15th with 2.3 billion in 30-day trade volume, followed by fellow Coinbase prospect ZEC with 2.15 billion. BTM ranked seventeenth with $2.1 billion, followed by MITH with roughly $2 billion, TRUE with $1.8 billion, and ONT with $1.66 billion.

Do you think BTC will continue to extend its dominance in trade volume relative to other cryptocurrencies in coming months? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s Crypto Platform Opens to Public With 6 Cryptocurrencies

Gibraltar Stock Exchange's Crypto Platform Opens to Public With 6 Cryptocurrencies

The crypto exchange platform subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange is now open to the public with six cryptocurrencies. Users can fund their accounts in USD. Meanwhile, its token sale platform, GBX Grid, has already completed its first token sale with three new projects planned.

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GBX Digital Asset Exchange Launched

Gibraltar Stock Exchange's Crypto Platform Opens to Public With 6 CryptocurrenciesThe GBX Digital Asset Exchange has launched to the public, the exchange announced this week. The GBX is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange which is regulated by GFSC and operates as an EU-regulated market, recognized by European regulator ESMA and UK regulator HMRC.

Users have to register with the platform and complete the KYC requirements. Their accounts can then be funded in USD, the exchange detailed, elaborating:

We are launching the platform with 6 cryptocurrencies available on the exchange. These include: bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), rock token (RKT), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash (BCH) and ethereum classic (ETC).

“We are making the following trading pairs available to all our users: RKT/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/USD,” the exchange noted. In addition, “Everybody who has already signed up and any new users who sign up before 17th August will benefit from zero-fee trading from today until 14th September 2018.”

Gibraltar Stock Exchange's Crypto Platform Opens to Public With 6 CryptocurrenciesGBX CEO Nick Cowan revealed, “we are already looking forward to making significant additions to this offering in the future,” adding that “the launch comes at a time when the cryptocurrency and token markets are reaching a new stage of maturity.” He further conveyed that the exchange also plans to launch its official mobile application in the near future.

This public launch follows the soft launch in June for about 300 participants. The exchange used the feedback from the soft launch to develop and design its user interface in preparation for the public launch. The GBX described:

It is widely recognised that one of the biggest hurdles for people looking to enter the crypto-space is knowing how to get started, where to source ETH or how to buy BTC from a trusted platform. With fiat onboarding now in place, that’s no longer an issue.

GBX Grid Token Sale Platform

The GBX also operates a token sale platform called GBX Grid, which has already completed its first token sale. It has since revealed that three new crypto projects are coming to the platform.

“The Grid is reserved for projects that have completed our rigorous application process and have been vetted thoroughly by one of the 15 sponsor firms in our network,” the GBX described. Citing that it “aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange,” the exchange wrote:

For both participants and issuers, this now means that the GBX offers a complete token and digital asset experience via an institutional-grade platform, focused on good governance and industry best practices.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange's Crypto Platform Opens to Public With 6 Cryptocurrencies

What do you think of the GBX exchange? Let us know in the comments section below.

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