A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.org

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.org

Over the past few years, there’s been a big problem with cryptocurrency related forums and censorship. This week an independent and uncensored version of Bitcointalk has launched called Bitcoincashtalk.org.

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Bitcoincashtalk.org: Another Uncensored Forum for Bitcoin Proponents to Freely Discuss and Debate This Innovative Technology

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.orgWhen it comes to cryptocurrencies enthusiasts like to discuss the technology regularly on social media and forums. Nearly every digital asset has its own forum but over the last few years, two of the largest Bitcoin-based forums (coincidentally owned by the same individual) have been plagued with censorship in regard to the scaling debate. For instance, thousands of users have been banned on the Reddit forum r/bitcoin and the web portal Bitcointalk.org for merely speaking about a different opinion concerning scaling the Bitcoin Network. Then thousands of Reddit users and Bitcointalk.org users have also been banned for failing to toe the party line.

Just yesterday someone was banned for posting on r/bitcoin for simply asking in a post “What is the recommended procedure to safely update a bitcoin node if I have a Lightning node with channels open?” R/bitcoin moderators banned the user and called the individual a “low-effort concern troll, lying, spreading malicious propaganda, obvious Bcash shill.” In response to the extreme prejudice and censorship, many bitcoin users have shifted to other forums on the web. Now, this week an independent and uncensored version of Bitcointalk.org has launched called Bitcoincashtalk.org.

“This forum is aiming to gather software developers, businesses, enthusiasts — Anyone interested in a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency for a free world or believes in everyone’s right to privacy is welcome,” explains the forum’s creator.

Free speech is a core value for Bitcoincashtalk.org, any discussion is allowed as long as you respect the non-aggression principle and the forum rules.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.org
Bitcoincashtalk.org front page.

The More Uncensored Bitcoin Forums the Merrier

Bitcoincashtalk has a variety of sections available for all types of topics and the site’s feel is similar to the Bitcointalk.org portal. There’s a General discussion about Bitcoin, a technical discussion area about BCH full node implementations and other Bitcoin Cash related software topics.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.org
Bitcoincashtalk.org General Discussion.

Registered Bitcoincashtalk users can converse about mining, project development, economics and information on cryptocurrency marketplaces. There’s also a local forums area in different languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Lastly similarly to Bitcointalk there’s a subforum for discussions about alternative currencies and other types of blockchain-related projects.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.org
The subreddit forum r/btc is consistently one of the top bitcoin Reddit forums.

Bitcoin Cash proponents enjoyed the idea of a new website like Bitcoincashtalk in addition to some of the other forums online. For example, over 223,000 users utilize the second most active Bitcoin-related forum on Reddit called r/btc. There’s also the Bitcoin.com forum which allows for uncensored discussion concerning Bitcoin technology and other related cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. The forum.Bitcoin.com has multiple sections for open discussions and provides over 30 different languages too. Bitcoincashtalk is just another avenue for Bitcoin technology proponents to meet and discuss various topics surrounding this innovative ecosystem.

What do you think about the new Bitcoincashtalk.org forum? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Bitcoincashtalk.org 

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Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit Forums

Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit Forums

During the first month of 2018, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a bitcoin cash (BCH) tip bot called Tippr, which distributes thousands of BCH tips on Reddit and Twitter. This week, according to Tippr statistics just on Reddit alone, the tip bot has tipped people over $100,000 worth of bitcoin cash (76 BCH) since the app’s launch.

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Bitcoin Cash Bot Tippr Sends $100,000 Worth of Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit

Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit ForumsBecause bitcoin cash transactions (tx) have really low network fees that typically average around $0.003 per tx, sending micro-transactions and tips happens regularly within the BCH community. For instance, for a very long time, every Tuesday patrons of the Reddit forum r/btc celebrate ‘Tipping Tuesday’ a day where lots of tips are sent to bitcoin cash fans on Reddit. Usually, when people are tipping funds on Reddit they use a platform called Tippr a tipping bot that can send BCH transactions by command and the app is also used on Twitter. While perusing through lots of cryptocurrency Twitter threads the Tippr bot can be seen tipping people small fractions of BCH as anyone can use the platform to send transactions to people.

Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit Forums
Tippr has distributed over $100K in bitcoin cash to 15,171 unique visitors.

Since Tippr was launched the platform has seen over $100,000 worth of bitcoin cash transactions since its integration with Reddit. Statistics detail that Reddit users have sent 34,227 BCH tips to over 15,000 unique users. Furthermore, the Reddit users u/asicshack ($7,582), u/jarenfeser ($5,390), u/grant-meaccess ($4,649) u/mobitcoinsmoproblems ($3,735), and u/cryptorebel ($3,370) are the top five tippers today.

Scrolling through the app’s profile timeline on Twitter, people can also see a bunch of BCH micro-transactions being dispersed throughout the social media platform. Tippr also has an index which explains how people can use the Tippr bot commands online.   

“Tippr is a bitcoin cash tipbot for Reddit and Twitter that allows you to reward good content,” explain’s Tippr’s tutorial.  

See something you like, want to support the author? Then reward them by leaving a tip — How generous is up to you.

Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit Forums
The top 25 largest tippers and most tipped Reddit users according to Tippr data.

15,000 Unique Users Have Received BCH Tips, and Tippr Is Used Frequently on Twitter as Well

Reddit users like u/rawb0t ($4,290), u/singularity87 ($3,939), u/kain_niak ($3,079),  u/deadalnix ($2,872), and u/chronoscrypto ($2,580) have been tipped the most. When using the bot on Reddit users simply call “/u/tippr” and enter the amount of BCH they want to send to specific Reddit users. On Twitter write “$0.50 @tipprbot” or any amount they want to send and tag another Twitter user (the receiver) in the post.

Tippr Bot Distributes Over $100K in Bitcoin Cash Across Reddit Forums
Alongside Reddit, Tippr can also be used on Twitter.

BCH proponents can also use another tipping platform on Reddit called Chaintip. The Chaintip app also works with Github and on Reddit. BCH users often use either Tippr or Chaintip for sending micro-transactions on the forum’s platform. The Tippr bot was created and operated by the payment processing firm and digital goods marketplace Rocketr.

What do you think about Tippr bot sending over $100K in bitcoin cash transactions? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below. 

Images via Pixabay, Reddit, tsbw.io, Tippr, and Twitter.  

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On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for Off-Chain BTC

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC

This week an individual revealed he had completed the first trustless swap by trading on-chain bitcoin cash (BCH) for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC) using Alex Bosworth’s submarine swap protocol.

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On-Chain Bitcoin Cash Submarine Swapped for Off-Chain BTC

The decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin cash (BCH) was traded over the Lightning Network this week for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC). According to an individual on Reddit named u/Darkdeepths, he says he’s been fortunate to see Bosworth’s submarine swap testing and decided to test the protocol himself. The submarine swap protocol is an atomic on-chain and off-chain trading platform created by Bosworth that allows a person to use on-chain funds to pay for an off-chain Lightning invoice. Users can test the protocol with testnet coins and the process was recently used by Jason Wong for an on-chain litecoin (LTC) transaction traded for an off-chain BTC transaction. The Reddit user Darkdeepths decided to utilize bitcoin cash for the experiment two days ago.

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC
Darkdeepths BCH for BTC submarine swap.

“I’m trustlessly swapping On-Chain BCH for Off-Chain BTC,” explains Darkdeepths. “I am fortunate enough to get a look at some of the cool submarine swap technology that Alex Bosworth is building — I decided I wanted to test turning some of my on-chain BCH to Lightning Network BTC.”

I created a Lightning wallet on Moneni.com and generated the Lightning invoice there. Alex already had channel capacity, so all I needed to do was enter the invoice and pay the script that he provided. His service also returned a payload with a redeem script and a block height after which I could claim a refund (in case things went south).

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC
Concepts like Plasma and Atomic Swaps have become more popular over the last year.

Atomic Swaps and Plasma Trading May Invigorate the Concept of Decentralized Exchanges

A few Bitcoin Cash proponents seemed to like the idea that on-chain BCH was swapped trustlessly for off-chain BTC. Darkdeepths experiment was a top post on the bitcoin-cash focused forum r/btc on August 9. Furthermore, Darkdeepths said he may try to reverse the process during his next test.   

“It was pretty exciting executing the swap with real assets,” Darkdeepths says.   

Thinking of trying the reverse soon (requesting BCH-on-chain for my BTC-on-LN). should work when the swap is initiated from either side of the trade.

Ideas like these make it possible for people to realize the possibilities of trustless trading and truly decentralized exchanges. Ideas like atomic swaps, and plasma are making it possible for traders to swap cryptocurrencies without a third party involved and many decentralized exchanges are basing their models on some form of cross-chain swaps.

What do you think about the individual who successfully swapped an on-chain BCH transaction for some off-chain BTC? Do you think concepts like these will be helpful for decentralized exchanges? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Alex Bosworth’s Submarine Swap site. 

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Lenders May Deny Your Mortgage Application if You Sold Bitcoin in the Past

Lenders May Deny Your Mortgage Application if You Sold Bitcoin in the Past

Over the past year, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have gained in value and some people have ‘cashed out’ their digital assets in order to purchase cars or a new home. However, some people who have sold cryptocurrencies in the past may have a hard time getting a home loan even though they have the funds to purchase the property. This week on the bitcoin Reddit forum r/btc, a person who attempted to get a mortgage from the U.S. based financial firm, PNC Bank, was denied because he sold cryptocurrencies in the past.

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Mortgage Division at PNC Bank Allegedly Denies Loan Because of Prior Bitcoin Sales

Lenders May Deny Your Mortgage Application if You Sold Bitcoin in the PastBack in December of 2017, the price of BTC was close to $20,000 USD per coin and there were definitely a lot of investors who ‘cashed out’ during that time, and the months that followed. Around that time news.Bitcoin.com reported on the major hype that was taking place with media reports of Lamborghini purchases, and lots of mansions bought with bitcoin. We also detailed that ‘cashing out’ cryptocurrencies into fiat is not so easy, especially when it comes to transfers over $10,000 USD. This week a bitcoin investor who sold some of his digital assets this past December reveals he was denied a mortgage loan from PNC Bank because the source of his funds may have been derived from cryptocurrency sales.

“I sold some coin in December, and I have jumped through tons of hoops, unrelated to bitcoin, while getting a traditional mortgage with PNC — They didn’t mention bitcoin as a concern at all during the entire process,” explains the Reddit user u/fojawi. “Finally, after I make all the concessions they want, answer all of their questions, they admit they were throwing up these walls because some of the source of funds for the downpayment is bitcoin.”    

In the end, they are now saying that no part of the funding for the downpayment or other factors for the mortgage can be sales related to bitcoin. All of the money is in the bank in a savings account. The bank holding the money never touched any bitcoin exchange. They say it doesn’t matter how long ago the sale was…

Lenders May Deny Your Mortgage Application if You Sold Bitcoin in the Past

‘Mortgage Providers, in General, Are Not Ready for This Issue’

This is not the first time people have had issues with prior bitcoin sales messing up their chances towards securing a mortgage from a lender. Immediately after the all-time price highs within the cryptocurrency economy, reports began to surface that UK mortgage lenders were refusing to accept deposits associated with digital assets because of “money laundering fears.” According to a broker from House and Holiday Home Mortgages, Mark Stallard, one individual he was working with had accumulated £40,000 from bitcoin investments and Stallard had difficulties with lenders.    

“The first mortgage lender I rang asked me what a cryptocurrency was,” Stallard details in an interview. “I rang two other lenders and they said they would not touch it.”

When I mentioned where the money had come from there was massive reluctance to help or understand the problem. I do not believe the mortgage providers, in general, are ready for this issue and research tells me that a lot more people will be knocking on our doors with funds made or raised in this fashion.

Building Societies Association and UK Lenders Consider Funds Derived From Cryptocurrencies Risky Because of Possible Relations to Money Laundering

Moreover, some of the UK mortgage lenders who might allow funds derived from cryptocurrency gains in order to procure a mortgage will need extensive audits. For instance, the UK’s Skipton, Yorkshire, and Coventry Building Society say they will accept funds derived from cryptocurrencies, but will also require a more thorough audit and identification process. A statement from the region’s Building Societies Association (BSA) details that lenders are leery of these funds due to “money laundering risks.” The BSA represents and is partnered with a large number of mutual lenders and deposit takers within the UK.    

“There is currently no regulation of these electronic currencies, which puts them into the highest risk category in relation to money laundering — In addition, it is well known that such currencies are popular with criminals, who use them to launder the proceeds of crime,” the BSA explained this past January.

What do you think about banks and mortgage lenders denying applicants because their money was connected to cryptocurrency sales? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Wiki Commons. 

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Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets Kafkaesque

Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets Kafkaesque

The continued censorship of cryptocurrency discussions on some of the larger sub-forums of Reddit has gotten to new levels recently. People are not only getting banned for any comment that might challenge the moderators’ enforced opinions in one forum, but complaints are also silenced in competing forums as well.

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Bans and Censorship

Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets KafkaesqueAnother redditor was banned from r/bitcoin for no real reason, that’s nothing new. But this case was so ridicules that it caused a massive backlash and exposed the censorship of another subreddit as well. After writing about getting banned from r/bitcoin on r/cryptocurrency, the post got over 3000 upvotes and more than 1000 comments but eventually was censored itself.

And the reason he was banned from r/bitcoin to begin with? Here is what he had to say: “I’m a BTC holder and believer. recently there was a Post in the Bitcoin subreddit about the extremely low fees in the current lightning Network. OP claimed that Bitcoin with lightning has the lowest fees compared to all other alts. While I’m a strong believer in Bitcoin I also dislike the spreading of false claims about the projects I follow either good or bad. So I stated that while Lightning works amazing so far, to claim it has the lowest fees compared to all other alts is factually incorrect.”

What Can Be Done?

Censorship of Cryptocurrency Discussions on Reddit Gets KafkaesqueIf you think that the censorship in any forum is overbearing and will not be changed regardless of how many people will complain, the best thing you can do is vote with your feet and leave for a place that respects your right for free speech. For talking candidly about anything related to bitcoin on Reddit this apparently means joining /r/btc, the subreddit which was created to uphold free speech and now has over 200,000 members.

And beyond just switching subreddits, this might be a good time to start thinking about migrating to other censorship-resistant platforms altogether. After all, the company itself recently shut down Darknet forums, and one can never know what topics will be included in its next crackdown. If you want to check out some on-chain social media solutions, we recently reviewed Memo and Blockpress.

What should social media users do to avoid censorship in discussing bitcoin? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Chainbet Protocol Proposes a Trustless Bitcoin Cash Betting Mechanism

Chainbet Protocol Proposes a Trustless Bitcoin Cash Betting Mechanism

On Saturday June 9, the founder of the bitcoin cash-centric wallet Electron Cash, Jonald Fyookball, revealed that he had created an on-chain betting protocol called Chainbet. The 255 lines of code form a proposal that allows a simple coin flip type of bet, but the software could be designed to handle more complex on-chain betting methods.

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Chainbet: A Trustless Gaming Mechanism Built on the Bitcoin Cash Network

Chainbet Protocol Proposes a Trustless Bitcoin Cash Betting MechanismThis weekend the creator of Electron Cash, Jonald Fyookball, revealed a new on-chain betting protocol that enables a simple coin flip wager that’s tethered to the BCH chain. According to the Github repository, Fyookball’s protocol has two components, “a commitment scheme to enable a trustless wager, and an on-chain messaging system to facilitate communication.” At the moment the proposal can only do the coin flip bet but the protocol can be built out to allow more elaborate configurations, explains Fyookball.  

“Since Paleolithic times, humans have engaged in games of chance, and probably always will — Blockchain technology can increase the fairness, transparency, and safety of these activities,” the Github repository details.  

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem can gain more users and more transaction volume by providing a trustless gaming mechanism.

Developer Says Chainbet Needs Peer Review

The Chainbet creator says in order to perform a trustless coin flip wager, Alice and Bob need to create secret values. If the sum of the value is ‘even’ then Alice wins, and if the sum of the value is ‘odd’ then Bob wins the bet. Meanwhile, both parties use a cryptographic scheme where Alice and Bob can lock the bet and reveal the secrets in a transparent manner. Moreover, the Chainbet protocol has a messaging client within the codebase that allows parties to exchange any “extraneous communication through the internet”.     

“[Chainbet] still needs peer review — And I’m waiting for someone to poke a serious hole in the basic idea,” Fyookball explains on the Reddit forum r/btc.

Thanks to the Reddit users who inspired this — One person asked about how we could do on chain betting, another person later asked about gaming lobby — This combines both of those ideas.

A good majority of Bitcoin Cash proponents seem to like the idea and complemented Fyookball on his concept. The repository gives a fairly good description of how the system can work and reduce collisions. Further, Fyookball has added some implementation considerations on how to make the protocol a bit more efficient and secure.

What do you think about the Chainbet protocol? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Pixabay. 

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Remembering Satoshi’s Vision — As it Was Written

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written

On October 31, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto had a vision to share with the world — a protocol he called “bitcoin, a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.” Since that time a whole lot has changed, and there is a vast cryptocurrency landscape with over 1,500 virtual currencies listed on data feed websites. It’s been a very long time since Satoshi left the community and his vision, the white paper, and even the protocol’s proof-of-work has been questioned multiple times over the years.

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BCH Proponents Believe That Many Key Attributes Have Been Slowly Replaced With a Whole New Concept

Satoshi Nakamoto left the community in 2010, and no one has heard from the anonymous creator of bitcoin ever since. At the moment the bitcoin community has split into two factions due to the scaling debate, that coincidently started the same year Satoshi left. Many bitcoin cash supporters believe the BTC side of the community has never had a valid excuse against raising the 1 MB block size by utilizing a refuse to give in at-any-cost mentality. The bitcoin cash community believes this group has been so stubborn that Core supporters basically enabled blowback to occur this past August, allowing a large majority of users to go their separate ways by forking the protocol, before the introduction of the contentious Segregated Witness (Segwit). The protocol Segwit had been and still is controversial and hasn’t gained much traction even to this day. All of these individuals who once shared similar visions with their peers, formed another community and rallied around the bitcoin cash (BCH) network believing that BCH is the closest chain to Satoshi’s original vision.

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written
A slide from Dr. Peter Rizun’s speech at the Future of Bitcoin conference shows just one reason why people find Segregated Witness unfavorable.


Alongside all of this vitriolic energy tethered to the scaling debate, BCH supporters say there have been quite a few individuals who believe “Satoshi’s vision doesn’t matter,” and actually have the audacity to propose making changes to the creator’s white paper. Many individuals will tell you the reason for this is because supporters of the Segwit chain have realized that the document does not apply to the BTC network. Unfortunately, BTC hardly resembles what is described in Satoshi’s white paper. For instance, the co-owners of Bitcoin.org, ‘Theymos,’ and ‘Cobra Bitcoin’ among others have talked about changing certain phrases in Satoshi’s paper. Another example is how the web portal Bitcoin.org, which is heralded by Core supporters as ‘truth,’ removed the cheap and fast transactions description for bitcoin off the front page — the reason for this is because the description does not apply to Core network.

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written
The owners of Bitcoin.org have discussed editing and revising the white paper on multiple occasions.

Of course, bitcoin cash supporters have been livid about this method of revisionism used by the other side of this debate. It is often said that “Satoshi’s vision” or the creator himself doesn’t matter, but BCH supporters believe most free-thinking individuals understand that history is important. Satoshi’s words and his original white paper is extremely vital towards keeping the network from being perverted. Anyone who denies history doesn’t understand how things came to be, and they will have a serious issue coping with the future. The past is the future’s direct causation. The very title of the white paper explains that bitcoin is a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” which shows absolutely no references to holding the coin as a speculative asset, or any comparison that represents a ‘digital store of value.’ 

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written
Bitcoin.org removes certain descriptions from the front page. The front page has been replaced again with the 2010 definitions and the website’s co-owner Cobra thinks it is a good idea to remove them when necessary. 

Can’t Afford to Send Bitcoin? — Deal With It — It’s ‘Censorship Resistant’ for a Certain Group of Individuals  

After close to a decade, one by one, BCH supporters state that specific features that used to be promoted widely among the bitcoin community have been slowly forgotten. In the early days, bitcoin was considered pseudonymous and needed tools like mixers and tumblers that could help provide anonymity. However, due to the rise in transaction costs most bitcoin mixers and tumblers found the network unsustainable, and many were unable to mix coins because network fees were both too expensive and unreliable. Further, during the times when BTC suffered from extreme network congestion, and unconfirmed transactions spiked to well over 200,000, darknet mixers and tumblers were called out for ‘spamming the network.’

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written
There’s no one that can really argue that this meme is irrelevant.

Remember when transactions were once described as cheaper than most centralized processors like Western Union? In the early days, people envisioned billions of micropayments helping people in need and third world countries. Instead throughout 2015- 2017, Core advocates and developers stated they didn’t mind if fees aggregated to $100 per transaction. Core developer Gregory Maxwell stated during the worst period of BTC’s transaction backlog and $60 fees that he was popping bottles of champagne.  

"Personally, I'm pulling out the champagne that market behaviour is
indeed producing activity levels that can pay for security without
inflation, and also producing fee paying backlogs needed to stabilize
consensus progress as the subsidy declines." ~ Greg Maxwell Dec. 21, 2017

It didn’t matter that economically unfortunate countries couldn’t afford to use the bitcoin blockchain as long as the chain continued to remain ‘censorship resistant’ — Ironically this thought process leads to the censorship of more than 2/3rds of this world who have a hard time considering paying $0.25 cents per transaction (tx) let alone $30-60 USD per tx. It’s safe to say that enjoying the rising fee market process is straight out of a Ponzi scheme manual where only the early adopters are those who can afford to use the network benefits.

The Resurrection of Killer Apps

Core supporters will tell you that bitcoin cash proponents are deceptive by utilizing the open brand name ‘bitcoin,’ when in fact all BCH proponents believe they are doing is “adhering to Satoshi’s original vision.” In fact, the chain and the BCH community are direct derivatives of stubborn blowback. Revisionists and actors with confirmation bias have clung to arguments that make no sense and act like the world is ready to adopt a whole new infrastructure called the ‘Lightning Network.’ This is after realizing on-chain BTC transactions are not very fast, and on-chain BTC transaction fees are unreliable especially during times of demand. Unfortunately, mainstream attention that took place during Q4 of 2017, was one of the worst periods of time for congestion, as BTC fees aggregated to upwards of $60 per transaction and confirmation times of up to a week for low fees. Then the mainstream was directed to a system that is not even close to widespread adoption, even though this mainstream audience was basically at a tipping point towards mass adoption.

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written
On April 4, a report was published that detailed major flaws and topology concerns with the Lightning Network. The author of this study was neither a bitcoin cash or bitcoin core holder.

Fortunately for mainstream adopters, BCH supporters believe bitcoin cash will be there to provide the very things that were promised in the early days that made the idea of cryptocurrencies so cool — actual fast, cheap, and reliable transactions that cannot be censored.

This is because BCH supporters state that mainstream audiences and users from third world countries won’t be hindered from using the cryptocurrency due to unreliable transfer times and tumultuous network fees. They also won’t have to learn to adopt a new network on top of the blockchain or learn about the flaws of routing, watchtowers, centralized hubs, opening channels, or keeping coins online in limbo. No, all they will have to learn is how to use bitcoin as it was taught for the past nine years. Mainstream audiences are also getting a glimpse of an ‘application resurrection’ of tools that were once heralded by the BTC community. The bitcoin cash ecosystem has resurrected mixers and tumblers, micro-tipping applications, a Bittorrent platform, social media apps like Memo and Blockpress, even the ability to send very small fractions of BCH without an internet connection.  

Remembering Satoshi's Vision — As it Was Written

Protecting Propaganda and Censorship Over Conscience and Principles

Bitcoin cash proponents think that revisionists will continue to try and say that Satoshi and the white paper “doesn’t matter” and will attempt to revise history to make bitcoin something that it is not. Why do BCH enthusiasts believe this? Likely it is because supporters of bitcoin revisionism have defended propaganda and censorship, so much that it has become a routine activity on some of bitcoin’s most frequented forums. All of this for a stubborn win-at-any-cost mentality that wouldn’t even allow the discussion or open debate of adding one measly megabyte to the block size. No, BCH proponents believe the confusion Core supporters complain about, rests on their conscience, because they obfuscated the protocol’s original intentions, anonymous minions sniffed out dissenting opinions, and cried when they got the blowback (the birth of BCH) they deserved.

It’s safe to say that Satoshi’s vision will be remembered, and his white paper will remain safe from changes. However, BCH supporters understand that the revisionists will also be recognized for being intellectually dishonest and as sophists attempting to keep bitcoin hostage. Bitcoin cash enthusiasts believe that after August 1, 2017 bitcoin’s hostile takeover has ended, and there is now an avenue available to continue following Satoshi’s vision. 

What do you think about the idea that most BCH supporters believe that Core proponents have revised history and have tried to lessen Satoshi’s vision and even alter the white paper? How do you remember this history? Let us know in the comments below.

This is an Op-ed article. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support views, opinions or conclusions drawn in this post. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the Op-ed article. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the content. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any information in this Op-ed article.

Images via Shutterstock, the Future of Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin.com, Pixabay, and Wiki-commons.

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Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge

Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is on a roll lately, scoring new mainstream adoption platforms in countries like the United States. But it’s still a relatively small player within the ecosystem, relative to Bitcoin Core (BTC) for example. For these reasons and more, BCH enthusiasts are participating in a 48 hour matching donation challenge, hoping to assist the nonprofit Fund in its mission to help bring the digital currency to one billion people in five years.

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Donate to Bitcoin Cash Fund in Next 48 Hours, and it’ll be Matched

Late Friday night, BCH enthusiast @jarenfeser posted to the popular subreddit /r/btc, a popular and uncensored forum. The thread immediately turned into a challenge. “Over the next 48 hours I will match all donations made to The Bitcoin Cash Fund (up to 300 BCH),” he wrote.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund describes itself as “A community-driven, grassroots project to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.” Bitcoin Cash, of course, forked from Bitcoin Core in August of last year in response to increasing transaction fees and mempool congestion causing long wait times plaguing bitcoin core. Since its inception, BCH has, in only a few months, stubbornly remained in the top four cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, including a brief stint as number 2, usurping ethereum.

Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge

These are heady times for BCH, as News.Bitcoin.com reported popular bitcoin payment provider Bitpay added BCH to its Visa debit card program for United States residents. And this was after a slew of other adoption news, such as bitcoin cash tip bots for Telegram and even new ATMs for the decentralized cryptocurrency.    

Because BCH wasn’t created by a government nor corporation, an organic non-profit fund was set up to assist in its adoption growth. “Currently, we are looking to promote any non-profit project that will help promote the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Examples of projects we’re funding now are Bitcoin Cash video tutorials,” the fund explains, “a BCH-specific JavaScript library, and an info pack to help businesses adopt BCH. We’ve previously funded the incredible TX Highway, as well as Bitcoin Cash meetups all over the world.” BCH supporters are encouraged to submit adoption ideas.

Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge
Redditor @jarenfeser also listed addresses he’ll monitor, promising, “I´ll check it every few hours and match any new deposits:”





Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge

BCH supporters have already donated $250,000 to the fund as of a mere eight hours into the challenge, including support from Satoshi Dice. With only a little more than a day remaining, those wishing to maximize donations are asked to point their wallets to the QR code (see inset) or to click over to the fund itself.

Disclosure: Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver is an advisor to the Bitcoin Cash Fund.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay, BCH Fund.

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