Lifehack: Delete Twitter from your phone, because it sucks


Twitter sucks. Twitter was once great. It was exciting and weird and small and capable of aiding and abetting literal revolutions. And now, people are leaving Twitter In favor of safer spaces — not just away from people who completely disagree with them, or trolls, but from people who will pounce on any opportunity to rhetorically suckerpunch anyone or anything that dares to give them an aysopening. 

These days, Twitter’s like a neighborhood that used to be „cool.“ Where once stood artists‘ studios and offbeat weird performing venues and communist coffee shops, you can now find a Wendy’s, talking shit on Burger King, and a bunch of people standing around, cheering them on. Meanwhile, all the people who once first settled that neighborhood and made it a nice place to be took flight to greener, less-crowded pastures. Read more…

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Save on this mini portable projector with an Amazon lightning deal that’s happening now


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Whether you want to spice up movie night or give the Powerpoint presentation of your dreams, this portable projector can help you out.

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According to the product page, the projector’s multi-coated lens creates clear focus and stunning color reproduction for a unique visual experience. It supports several different cables so you can attach the smartphone, game console, or movie player of your choice. It’s compact enough to bring around with you, and it can be adjusted from a 20-inch projector to a full 150-inch projection. It even comes with a handy remote control. Read more…

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Georgetown’s Loss To Villanova Was Historically Bad

Photo: Alex Brandon/Getty

Villanova beat Georgetown 88-56 on Wednesday night, but the score wasn’t indicative of how the Hoyas played. They played much, much worse.

Here are a few superlatives from the game: it was Georgetown’s worst ever Big East loss. The Hoyas’ worst loss against any team since 1974. It was the fifth-biggest Division I rout this season, per Ken Pomeroy. It was Georgetown’s seventh straight loss to Nova. And, while this one is more anecdotal, it resulted in what’s surely the most patronizing postgame remark from an opposing coach ever:

“Patrick [Ewing] is doing a great job with this program. They’re very organized. They know what they want to do.” Villanova head coach Jay Wright said.

Villanova shot 60 percent from the field, drilled 17 one of their 33 three-point attempts (compared to 4-for-15 for Georgetown), and completely flummoxed the Hoya offense, holding leading scorer Jessie Govan to only 12 points.


I’ll be honest, I watched only until Georgetown got to double digits. This still took 13 minutes, thanks to an 18-0 Villanova run that saw the team go up 31-8. Around that time, Villanova’s win probability flatlined at 100 percent and never twitched again. But it got worse after that, somehow. At one point the Wildcats led by 44. In fact, if Villanova hadn’t benched their starters in the second half and then subbed in walk-ons for the last three minutes, which allowed Georgetown to score the final 12 points of the game, Villanova almost certainly would’ve doubled them up.

Of course, a year-zero rebuilding team at Georgetown was never going to beat No. 1 Villanova, but the total ruination was enough to hose away any delusions of competence leftover from Georgetown’s 10-1 non-conference slate, during which they essentially played a collection of high school teams. Next up for Georgetown are two more home games against fellow Big East bottom dwellers St. John’s and DePaul, both of which they’ve beaten already this season, though St. John’s only by a hair. After last night’s game it’s unclear if Georgetown can win again.

PR: 3D – Token ICO Attains Soft Cap and Launches Network Hubs’ Affiliation Program

3D - Token ICO Attains Soft Cap and Launches Network Hubs’ Affiliation Program

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

3D-Token Attains ICO Soft Cap Earlier Than Targeted Date and Is Now Launching the Development of its Robots’ Network Through The Affiliation Of New Hubs

3D-Token is running on the back of an already existing business (Politronica srl) and a highly-experienced award-winning team. Politronica is a spin-off company of the Italian University “Politenico di Torino.”

The 3D-Token sale was launched on the 18th of December, 2017 and is to run through to the 11th of February, 2018 but already, remarkable strides are being recorded. The ICO soft cap was reached on the 28th of December, just 10 days into the campaign with over 1 million dollars realized.

In order to sustain the fast development of its business, Politronica is starting from now to offer a free of charge lease of 3 Qubit3D machines (a FDM 3D-Printing Robot developed with proprietary technology) per affiliated Hub, and proposes to the affiliate to work for its Network and to take part of the just-in-time manufacturing revolution. Politronica will provide the affiliate with the bioplastic material necessary for the manufacturing projects at its expense, granting the affiliate a fee of $ 2 for each printing hour executed (paid in Ether).
For more information about the Robots’ Network and how to join it, please contact :

Meanwhile, 3D-Token ICO is running with an interesting Bonus, if you wish to Join The Project, please click here

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This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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Theres never been a better time to be a car enthusiast

The car industry has traditionally been at the forefront of innovation, constantly attempting to reinvent the wheel in order to entice old and new customers alike. Now that we are deep in the digital age, the industry is undergoing a sort of revolution which may well change the face of driving forever. Automotive tech is better than ever It’s no secret or revelation that technology keeps on improving by the minute but not every industry witnesses such profound changes as the ones currently happening with cars. All the major auto manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, and pretty much anyone…

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Dumb Column: Sacramento Shouldn’t Pay For MLS Stadium, But Maybe Sacramento Could Pay For MLS Stadium

Image via YouTube

There’s one MLS expansion slot left, and it’ll soon be awarded to Cincinnati, Sacramento, or Detroit. Sacramento once looked like a lock to get an expansion spot, but it’s now rather uncertain, likely because Sacramento’s ownership group isn’t as flamboyantly wealthy as their competitors.

The Sacramento Bee ran an op-ed yesterday about the city’s chance to snag the last spot. From the general byline and headline (“Sacramento City Council must hold the line on public money for MLS stadium”), the article might seem to be an argument for holding the line on public money for an MLS stadium. However, here are three paragraphs:

One big draw about the proposed Sacramento soccer stadium is that it doesn’t call for a large, direct taxpayer subsidy.

That is a line that shouldn’t be crossed as city officials and Republic FC owners try to beef up their bid for a Major League Soccer franchise.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg is on the money: It could make sense for City Hall to reduce or defer some building fees, to donate land for a training facility, to give the team the revenue from new digital billboards, or to help with roads, sewers and other infrastructure near the stadium.

A note for the Bee, which did not take anything close to this stand on Kevin Johnson’s Kings stadium project: There is no material difference between direct public subsidies and the provisions Steinberg mentioned. A big burlap sack with dollar signs on it is a lot more ostentatious and likely to draw public ire than land giveaways and other breaks, but they both amount to giving more money to rich dicks.

You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram’s New, Humiliating ‚Activity Status‘

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty

It’s a sickness. Whether it’s repeatedly checking for new likes on a pic or mindlessly scrolling through your feed, Instagram can be a tremendously addictive app. And just in time to help feed your habit, Instagram has instituted a new “activity status” feature that shows you the last time someone was actively using the service.

To see the new activity statuses, all you have to do is go into your direct messages and look for the little timestamp that shows the last time someone you’ve chatted with has used Instagram. The times are quite granular; you can see up to the minute or hour when some signed on most recently, while people currently on Instagram are simply labeled as “Active Now.” The update started rolling out yesterday for both Android and iOS users.


For those of you who find this addition somewhat intrusive, thankfully it’s not hard to disable. Just go into Instagram’s settings menu and scroll down a bit until you see “Show Activity Status.” Tap the toggle next to it to disable the feature.

This move comes shortly after Instagram launched its standalone messaging app, Direct, which offloads your Insta DMs into a separate app—something that seems designed to tear even more users away from Instagram’s biggest competitor, Snapchat.

If you choose to hide your activity status, there’s one catch: You won’t be able to see your friends’ activity statuses. Fair’s fair I guess, because why should you be able to snoop on others if you don’t want people snooping on you.

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South Korean Regulator: In Reality Impossible to Close Cryptocurrency Exchanges

South Korean Regulator: It Is Impossible in Reality to Close Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) does not have the authority to close cryptocurrency exchanges. “It is impossible in reality,” said the KFTC chairman. The agency is currently investigating 13 major exchanges operating in the country for alleged violations of the e-commerce law.

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No Authority to Close Exchanges

South Korean Regulator: It Is Impossible in Reality to Close Cryptocurrency ExchangesThe KFTC is currently investigating 13 major cryptocurrency exchanges for alleged violations of the South Korean Electronic Commerce Law, including Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit, according to local media.

However, KFTC Chairman Kim Sang-Joo said on Wednesday that “the e-commerce law does not have the right to close virtual currency exchanges,” adding that “it is impossible in reality.” In an interview on CBS radio, he elaborated:

We do not have the authority to close virtual currency exchanges…It is a clear reality that there is no proper legal provision related to it.

When asked if other ministries could ban or close cryptocurrency exchanges, Kim emphasized, “cryptocurrency has recently emerged and other laws do not have the exact legal provisions related to closing exchanges.”

In addition, Kim commented on what the Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said recently about cryptocurrency trading being a form of gambling, stating:

I do not agree with the attitude of Justice Minister Park Sang-ki, who said, ‘cryptocurrency investment is gambling’.

Voluntary Reforms or Extreme Measures

Kim also noted on Wednesday that “there are many illegal activities discovered during the investigation.”

South Korean Regulator: It Is Impossible in Reality to Close Cryptocurrency ExchangesFor exchanges in violation of the law, “I will notify them and make appropriate arrangements” to remedy the situations, he detailed. “In particular, we will call for voluntary reforms at least in the first half of the year,” he added. However, if the problems persist, the FTC will seek “more direct reforms through legislative amendments in the second half of the year.”

Meanwhile, other regulators are discussing alternative measures to prevent an overheating in cryptocurrency speculation and illegal activities in the crypto market, Yonhap reported. According to the Financial Services Commission (FSC), “The government is reviewing both options to shut down virtual currency exchanges or to close only those exchanges that have committed illegal acts,” the news outlet conveyed.

“We are doing what we can do right now within the framework of the current law,” Hong Nam-ki, head of the Office of Policy Coordination, was quoted by KBS on Thursday.

Do you think the South Korean government will find other ways to close cryptocurrency exchanges? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Yonhap.

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Travis Kalanick Reportedly Squirmed in Shame Like a Sad Tiny Worm Before Ouster From Uber

Image: Getty

Travis Kalanick groveled on the floor before Uber executives last February, according to a new in-depth report on the company co-founder’s fall.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the incident happened during a meeting in a San Francisco hotel where executives were hoping to prove to Kalanick that he was hurting the company. The colleagues presented surveys that showed respondents’ impression of Uber were more negative if they knew who Kalanick was. Then, during the meeting, one of the executives was alerted to the now-infamous video of Kalanick in the back of a Uber car berating driver Fawzi Kamel. “Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit,” Kalanick shouted at Kamel in the video. “They blame everything in their life on somebody else.”


Kalanick and two other executives stepped away from the conference room to watch the video, which seems to have helped change Kalanick mind about whether or not he was a problem. As Bloomberg reports:

As the clip ended, the three stood in stunned silence. Kalanick seemed to understand that his behavior required some form of contrition. According to a person who was there, he literally got down on his hands and knees and began squirming on the floor. “This is bad,” he muttered. “I’m terrible.”

According to a report published yesterday by Recode, Kalanick met with Kamel about two days later in a luxury apartment in San Francisco for what was supposed to be a brief apology. But that meeting devolved into another debate carrying over from the one captured in the video. Recode reports that Kalanick and others in the meeting suggesting buying two cars Kamel used for Uber’s business, because the initial argument stemmed from Kamel’s insistence that he had lost money on the investment after Uber lowered fares. “I lost $97,000 because of you,” Kamel told Kalanick in the filmed argument. “I’m bankrupt because of you. You keep changing every day. You keep changing every day.” After the meeting, the company’s chief lawyer swiftly informed Kalanick that the money would have to come out of his pocket, not Uber’s, Recode reports.


Citing an unnamed source, today’s report asserts that Kalanick did, in fact, agree to pay Kamel $200,000 of his own money. Kalanick reportedly also suggested giving Kamel stock in Uber. The decision is said to have greatly concerned then-general manager Wayne Ting, who was present for the meeting and feared this would set a disturbing precedent, leading to compensation for other disgruntled drivers, Bloomberg reports.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the claims that Kalanick paid Kamel money and groveled in front of executives while calling himself “terrible.”

The article sheds light on other disturbing blunders and mishandlings by Uber over the past year, including an episode where Kalanick, while on company leave, reportedly demanded security personnel read an Uber employee’s emails to determine whether the worker had leaked a story.


It seems that acts of meddling like this were what eventually led the executive team to write a letter to the Uber board, clearly aimed at Kalanick, to stay clear of employees and daily company matters. These days, according to Bloomberg, he’s “getting very good” at the addictive smartphone game 2048.

[Bloomberg Businessweek, Recode]

The Athletic Is Coming For Your Local Baseball Beat Writer

Sports media outlet The Athletic is hiring at least five MLB beat writers in disparate markets to fill out its MLB coverage, Deadspin has learned.

According to people familiar with the hires, The Athletic has hired Marc Carig to cover the Yankees, Pedro Moura to cover the Angels and the Dodgers, C. Trent Rosencrans to stay on the Reds beat, and Matt Gelb to cover the Phillies.


Additionally, former White Sox reporter Dan Hayes announced today that he will be covering the Twins for The Athletic Minnesota.

Carig has covered the Mets for Newsday since 2012, but was previously on the Yankees beat for the New Jersey Star-Ledger for three years. Moura began covering the Angels for the Los Angeles Times during the 2016 season, having previously covered both Los Angeles–area teams for the OC Register. Rosencrans is a veteran reporter and columnist on Cincinnati sports, covering the Reds for the Cincinnati Enquirer since the 2013 season. Gelb has covered the Phillies for nearly 10 years for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and Hayes has spent the last five years covering the White Sox for NBC Sports Chicago.

Sources say that the company met with baseball writers at the Winter Meetings in Orlando in December, and was aggressively courting those in big markets and small, on beats and on a national level.


The Athletic co-founder Alex Mather said in a text that “[w]e have no news at this time, but will let you know as soon as we do,” when asked about the hires. The company would not comment further when reached this week.

Moura, Rosencrans, Carig, and Gelb would not comment for this story.

The Athletic currently highlights baseball coverage of eight teams, some of which are based in markets where they have already created specific sites—Chicago, the Bay Area, Detroit—which are populated by a mix of staff writers and freelancers. Former Fox Sports insider Ken Rosenthal currently heads up The Athletic’s national baseball coverage, and Andrew Baggarly was recently poached from the distressingly decimated Mercury News to join his former colleague, Tim Kawakami, at The Athletic’s Bay Area site.


In an October interview with The New York Times, Mather made waves by saying the goal of his company was to “wait every local paper out and let them continuously bleed until we are the last ones standing.” He later walked that statement back, saying he did the interview after drinking “three cold brews” (coffee, not beer), and issued an apology.

Baggarly told Deadspin the The Athletic offers the freedom to cover teams and games without an intense focus on twice-daily deadlines or gamers. Beyond flexibility, an obvious appeal of The Athletic is that they can—and do, according to people who have received estimates and offers from the company—provide a pay increase to writers who are used to traditional newspaper salaries.

Going after experienced and well-regarded baseball beat writers tracks with The Athletic’s overall hiring philosophy, which so far has seemed to put an emphasis on poaching writers with established followings that are more likely to be counted on to pony up for the site’s subscription fee.


If The Athletic’s ultimate goal really is to bleed out local sports sections, poaching some of the biggest names from beats around the country isn’t a bad place to start. If you’re a local sports editor, hold your beat writer close.

Threat of nuclear apocalypse briefly puts a damper on Pornhub traffic

If you’ve ever been curious about what happens to a major porn site when there’s a nuclear missile bearing down on the US, we’ve got answers. It turns out, when the government sends out a doomsday alert, porn connoisseurs are more concerned with getting out than getting off. About 64 million people watch porn online every day, and while it’s unclear how many of those users are in Hawaii (which has a population of about 1.5 million), it’s clear the threat of nuclear holocaust is a real mood-killer. Once the threat turns out to be fake, however, they’re back –…

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A new date for Startup Battlefield Dubai

 We’re thrilled to be heading to Dubai, but as it turns out, it will be a little later than expected. Due to scheduling changes, Startup Battlefield Dubai, originally slated for April 2018, will now take place in January 2019. This will give us even more time to make this an incredible event in a truly exciting region for tech and startups.
What happens if you’re thinking about… Read More

Samantha Bee weighs in on Aziz Ansari and it’s straight fire


“Men, if you say you’re a feminist, then fuck like a feminist,“ Samantha Bee said on Wednesday’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. „If you don’t want to do that, take off your fucking pin because we are not your accessories.”

Bee weighed in on the ongoing #MeToo and Time’s Up movements on her weekly late-night show, this time focusing on an emerging backlash that fears no man will escape retribution.

„What the fuck are women supposed to do to protect ourselves?“ Bee asked. „If we go public with a story we’re petty crybabies hell-bent on destroying men’s careers. If we write a secret list to protect each other, we’re gossipy shrews telling lies in the shadows. What men literally can’t understand is this isn’t about them.“ Read more…

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