Trump’s Fake News Awards were a total disaster


President Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards were, perhaps unsurprisingly, a complete and total disaster.

After weeks of anticipation the event turned out to be, well, not an event at all. In fact it was just a quick listicle which, for many, displayed as a 404 page.

Earlier this month, Trump boasted that he would hold „THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR.“ The made up award show was supposed to criticize various news outlets for their reporting of the president. But a day before the event was initially scheduled, Trump tweeted that it would happening on Jan. 17 instead.  Read more…

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Robin Lopez’s Dunk Put Jordan Bell In A Wheelchair

Jordan Bell’s first start of the month started in the cruelest way possible. On the very first possession of the Bulls-Warriors game tonight, Robin Lopez got up a full head of steam, forcing Bell to help over from the corner a bit late. Not only did Bell not quite reach Lopez, he injured himself on the landing.

Bell landed awkwardly on his left leg, and he seemed to be in some real pain after the dunk.

Bell initially tried to limp off the court on his own, but instead, he had to leave the court in a wheelchair. The Warriors anounced he was undergoing x-rays on his left ankle.


Update (8:47 p.m. ET): Bell’s X-rays are negative, and the Warriors are saying he has a sprained left ankle. He’s out for the game.

Jalen Rose Tells Paul Pierce He’s Being Petty About The Isaiah Thomas Video Tribute Fracas

Paul Pierce has made a big stink about the Celtics having the audacity to briefly honor Isaiah Thomas with a short video tribute before the Cavs visit the Celtics next month, and now that Thomas has formally asked the Celtics not to thank him, Pierce looks like a selfish asshole. Rather, as Jalen Rose put it straight to his face tonight on ESPN, he looks petty.

Congratulations to Paul Pierce on the 30 or so extra seconds of highlights and years of mockery he’ll get for defeating Isaiah Thomas.

What the NY Times got wrong about Bitcoin

It’s rare in the days following a cryptocurrency correction to find genuinely good reporting surrounding the issue. The New York Times took a stab at it yesterday, and for the most part, hit the ball out of the park. But it wasn’t without its problems. layer innocent nothing argue pottery winner cotton menu task slim merge maid The sequence of words is meaningless: a random array strung together by an algorithm let loose in an English dictionary. What makes them valuable is that they’ve been generated exclusively for me, by a software tool called MetaMask. We’re not off to a…

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Here Is A Cool-Ass Handball Highlight

Image via YouTube

Icelandic handball genius Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson is one of the most accomplished players in the world, with an Olympic silver medal and the all-time record for most goals for a national team with 1812. I’m a mere quadrennial handball enthusiast, but I’d wager that this one he scored against Serbia during this week’s European Handball Championships is one of the best ones. Serbia eliminated Iceland shortly after the goal, but who cares, look at this dive.

My super informed handball suggestion: more punches.

A Google bus was attacked outside of San Francisco, just like buses from Apple


Apple shuttles aren’t the only tech buses under attack

Google buses, which carry employees of the tech giant to and from its Mountain View headquarters, are in the spotlight today following an attack on one of the company’s chartered shuttles. 

California Highway Patrol officer Art Montiel confirmed to Mashable that, in addition to four Apple buses, a shuttle bus chartered by Google was hit in some sort of attack that took place on Highway 280 outside of San Francisco. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported. 

The incident went down on Tuesday. Much like with the attack on the Apple buses, which suffered broken windows, it is not clear what exactly was used by the perpetrator. Regardless, whether it was rocks, „rubber rounds“ (as speculated by one Apple employee), or something else entirely, there is clearly real danger involved in breaking the windows of a bus while it’s full of passengers and driving on the highway.  Read more…

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Trevor Ariza And Gerald Green Are The Fall Guys For The Rockets‘ Locker Room Raid

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Houston’s Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green will be the only players getting discipline from the NBA after the Rockets’ reported invasion-by-secret-passage of the Clippers’ locker room following their loss in L.A. on Monday night. Chris Paul and James Harden, despite reportedly being a part of the brigade, will get off with no penalties.

“Aggressively entering” is evidently the NBA’s own official wording for what Ariza and Green did, and it’s a good rhetorical flourish. Woj mentioned yesterday evening that, according to his sources, Ariza was the “most aggressive and determined” to try and get into the locker room, while Paul and Harden tried to slow him down. The NBA’s Kiki VanDeWeghe also described Paul and Harden as “peacemakers” in the whole affair.


Marc Stein of the New York Times said he was also “hearing strongly today” that Clint Capela, who Woj initially reported to be hanging out in the Clippers’ locker room doorway, was actually Tarik Black. You might be thinking that Black was employed as some sort of diversionary tactic. He was not, says Stein.

A bunch of Rockets spoke to the media today and made some attempts at denying the most hilarious parts of the reports. James Harden, specifically, had to claim that there is no “secret passageway” to get into the Clippers locker room, and that apparently it’s just a plain old passageway that everyone knows about.


Update (7:49 p.m. ET): The NBA explains the Tarik Black detail, saying that he went to lift weights after the game and was curious about the loud noises.

How Google’s ’speed update‘ will affect mobile search


Google searches on your phone are about to get an important upgrade.

The company announced an upcoming „speed update“ to search, which will put some slower loading pages lower down in search results on mobile devices.

Google says it expects the speed update, set to take effect in July, will only affect „a small percentage of queries,“ but given the number of Google searches that happen on a daily basis, it could have a significant impact on search.

Under the change, Google will take page speeds into account in determining its rankings for mobile searches. The company has previously used speed as a factor on desktop, but this will mark the first time Google has done so on mobile. Read more…

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Batman and Catwoman’s Engagement Just Ran Into a Complication and Her Name Is Wonder Woman

Image: DC Comics

As thoughtful and emotionally satisfying as writer Tom King’s recent run on Batman has been, one of the major drawbacks is that every time something even remotely good happens to someone, you know it won’t be long until some kind of twist of fate snatches their happiness away.

Despite the mayhem and madness that’s kept them apart from one another for so many years, Batman finally found the nerve to be open with Catwoman about his feelings for her and pop the big question. After mulling over whether she really wanted to settle down and commit to a man known for snatching up orphaned street children (it’s true), Selina ultimately decided she wouldn’t mind strolling down the aisle with Bruce.


But before the happy couple say their “I dos,” King’s been taking a moment to remind us all just who Batman is with a couple of stories about the other interpersonal relationships with those closest to him. We’ve seen Batman and Catwoman on a double date with Superman and Lois Lane and been reminded how Bruce is still struggling to cope with the death of his parents. But in this week’s issue #39, Batman finds Bruce Wayne confronted with a different kind of war on evil, one he’s never had to face before.

There are few people in the world who Jim Gordon will allow to operate the GCPD’s Bat signal and when the device suddenly turns on without his authorization, the police commissioner rushes to the rooftop ready to shoot whoever is up there. Wonder Woman being Wonder Woman, she isn’t at all phased when Gordon and his fellow officers confusedly discover that she’s the one who flipped on the Bat-switch and calmly explains that she’s in need of Batman’s assistance with an otherworldly issue that Superman isn’t particularly cut out for.


As Batman appears out of nowhere (of course), Wonder Woman explains that the time has come for she and her fellow Justice Leaguer to make good on a promise they once made to the Gentle Man, a warrior trapped in a dimension beyond their own. For thousands of years, the Gentle Man has waged an endless war against unspeakable hordes of demons attempting to make their way across the dimensions even though there’s no way for them to cross. Once in their past, Batman and Wonder Woman accidentally slipped into the Gentle Man’s dimension and fought alongside him, promising to one day return and grant him an opportunity to rest for at least a day by taking his place as the dimension’s guardian warriors.

Wonder Woman explains that due to the magical nature of the dimension, super abilities are all but useless there, meaning that Superman (who isn’t particularly known for his fighting skills) is sitting this adventure out. With Catwoman’s blessing and promise to chaperone the Gentle Man when he crosses over into their world, Batman and Wonder Woman set out into the hellish war dimension and dive headfirst into the kind of battle that only the two of them could thrive in.


Though they’re fighting an endless war to the death, Bruce and Diana are in their element, relying only on their own wit, skill, and determination to stay alive. They are, in a very real sense, a dynamic duo of brawlers whose combined might is more than enough to drive back dozens of opponents before they’re ultimately able to make their escape to recuperate.

Back in Gotham, as Catwoman helps the Gentle Man adjust to being back in a more peaceful reality, her companion surprises her by revealing that he’s actually from their world and, as best as he can tell, he’s only been missing for about a year. Time, the Gentle Man explains, flows differently in the other dimension, meaning that the few hours he’s spent back in Gotham has been years for Batman and Wonder Woman. Though they won’t have aged, they will have experienced the time all the same and Batman #39 closes by leaning heavily on the implications of Diana and Bruce’s time away.

For them, at least a decade has past and in that time, their hopes that the Gentle Man would come back to relieve them of their burden have faded. Fighting the horde of demons is all Bruce and Diana know and all they have save for one another. Diana knows it, Bruce knows it, and after fighting for so long, it appears as if the two are finally ready to admit to something that millions of shippers have been hoping for for decades.

An optimistic reading of Batman #39 might leave you inclined to assume that Bruce and Diana’s kiss is just a cheeky cliffhanger that’ll be resolved in the next issue when a random demon pops up, interrupts the moment, and reminds the two that they probably shouldn’t be making out.


But for all you pessimists out there, this could easily be interpreted as the kiss that ultimately ruins Batman’s engagement because if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Catwoman’s going to find out about this.

Apple rerouting employee shuttles after highway attacks shatter windows on buses during commutes

 In the past week, five Apple commuter shuttles carrying employees to and from the company’s Cupertino offices have been attacked, several sources tell us. Windows on the buses were shattered by what employees are suspecting was a gun being fired at the vehicles. All five incidents took place off highway 280 near Woodside, Calif. The first attack took place Friday evening, with an… Read More

Watch a thought race across the surface of the brain

 Although neuroscientists have a general idea of what parts of the brain do what, catching them in the act is a difficult proposition. But UC Berkeley researchers have managed to do it, visualizing based on direct measurement the path of a single thought (or at least thread) through the brain. Read More